Tumblr… a social media platform that’s full of hipsters, fashionistas and emo’s. We’ve all heard of it and to me, it died . Until a while ago, when I got so bored I decided to visit my Dashboard again and reblog some stuff. To my surprise, I was following people who were very socially aware and posted about all the disturbingly events that happen in the world, and also the positive ones that you never heard about in the news. Continue reading “I WAS MURDERED.”

Birthday Resolutions

June 21 has just been a couple of days ago which means I am only just 20 years old. Although most people view 21 as official adulthood and an important age, I think 20 is more special. It’s an even number. I remember a decade ago I was wondering what life would be like at 16, 18 and how I would be at 20. Now I know. There is so much going on from age 10 – 20, it’s insane. Read article >>