Bonaire belongs on your travel list

If my two Bonaire posts ( here and here ) haven’t already convinced you to hop on a plane and make Kralendijk your destination, then this post will definitely do the job! When I told people I was visiting Bonaire I heard such negative responses: “It’s so boring, there’s nothing to do there, it’s too small”.. Whatever. I have no idea what those people have been doing in Bonaire because I experienced the exact opposite and had an absolute blast! Read article >>

Hair | 6 tips to get your curls back!

Once upon a time there was a girl with beautiful curled hair. Her curls were healthy, bouncy and shiny. But then, the girl discovered a way to make her hair straight! “Just for a day” she told herself. She went on to the store to buy herself a straightener, this was the day she would soon regret. She became obsessed with straightening her hair and soon enough, there was nothing left of her beautiful curls but flat, dry, dead hair. Read article >>

Miami bound

America, America…. I have dreamt of seeing you since I was just a little girl. The mighty-high buildings, the fast life way of living, the food that came from heaven itself, the products I always wanted to buy but are never available in neither Europe or the Caribbean… and those typical accents of course. Going to Miami was mad excitement for me. Read article>>

Week 1 Clean eating

So the first week of my healthy lifestyle is done. I must say that except for the early mornings, it wasn’t that difficult. I thought that the clean eating would be really hard and I would be thinking about food all day long, but luckily that wasn’t the case.


Read article >>