Leaving the Netherlands.

Six days ago seems like forever! I am finally in Curaçao. After months of hard work trying to get everything done for my workplacement, I am finally settled. The fact that I pulled this together all by myself makes me feel quite proud. But very grateful, though. I thank God for this opportunity that He has given me, I couldn’t have done any of this without Him! I am super siked to be here Continue reading “Leaving the Netherlands.”

The ”L” word.

I think life’s about the things that go unnoticed. The small things are often the bigger ones. Questions like: ”Who am I really? What is this life about? Why am I here? What is God’s plan for me, and will I be a somebody in the future…or just another plain person in this world full of invisible people?” have filled my thoughts the last few weeks. I think we’re all scared of being invisible, replaceable and not important. When do you really find yourself? I mean, really find yourself. Certain experiences will most-definitely have an impact on your life and will shape you to the person you are today, BUT… is that all? Continue reading “The ”L” word.”

Bizzy life

Last week has got to be the busiest week of my life. I had so much homework to catch up with but thank GOD I’m finished. The semester has almost ended, so this means new chances, new possibilities and more free time (Yes, only one BTEC unit down to go, yayy).I’m very excited for these last 2 months of school. Continue reading “Bizzy life”

First post



Here I am, in my room, on my laptop. I’ve decided to make a blog and share some aspects of my life. 2013 is going to be a special year for me so let this be a page full of beautiful memories to come. I’m so busy all the time with school, work, organising my internship abroad, and I don’t want life to pass me by. With this blog I will stop everything and enjoy my life, by looking back on the previous day/week/month. Starting now!