Tumblr… a social media platform that’s full of hipsters, fashionistas and emo’s. We’ve all heard of it and to me, it died . Until a while ago, when I got so bored I decided to visit my Dashboard again and reblog some stuff. To my surprise, I was following people who were very socially aware and posted about all the disturbingly events that happen in the world, and also the positive ones that you never heard about in the news. Continue reading “I WAS MURDERED.”

Living away

Questions I hear most when I tell people that I’ve moved abroad for two years are mostly about the aftermath. Questions like “how do you like Curaçao?, do you want to go back to Holland?, did you make lots of new friends?, do you even speak the language?”. Then the compliments start about how much they admire me for taking such a step, following my dreams and doing exactly what I want. I’m a so-called risk taker and due to my pictures everyone assumes I’m having the most wonderful time EVER. Ok, time to come clean. Continue reading “Living away”


I wrote this a little while ago because I wanted to release all of my frustration regarding recent events in this world. We all behold so much negativity in this day and age and it makes me long for Continue reading “Shortage”