Birthday Resolutions

June 21 has just been a couple of days ago which means I am only just 20 years old. Although most people view 21 as official adulthood and an important age, I think 20 is more special. It’s an even number. I remember a decade ago I was wondering what life would be like at 16, 18 and how I would be at 20. Now I know. There is so much going on from age 10 – 20, it’s insane. Read article >>

Living away

Questions I hear most when I tell people that I’ve moved abroad for two years are mostly about the aftermath. Questions like “how do you like Curaçao?, do you want to go back to Holland?, did you make lots of new friends?, do you even speak the language?”. Then the compliments start about how much they admire me for taking such a step, following my dreams and doing exactly what I want. I’m a so-called risk taker and due to my pictures everyone assumes I’m having the most wonderful time EVER. Ok, time to come clean. Continue reading “Living away”

Goodbye and Hello!

It has been nearly 8 months since I hopped on plane and moved to the precious island Curaçao, and not a single post had been made… Due to my laptop being broken I wasn’t able to post and edit the pictures so I decided to wait for my tablet, which is finally here (YAY)! I have received lots of questions by people such as: “What are you doing in Curaçao? How long will you stay? Why did you decide to go there? Are you even coming back?”. So let me explain. Continue reading “Goodbye and Hello!”

Next down London town

It had only been a few days since I had returned from France and I was already packing for my next trip… LONDON! Since my friend Mekdes has been living in London the past few weeks for her internship, and my birthday was coming up, Michelle and I figured it would be the perfect excuse to hop on a plane and head to London town for a few days. Continue reading “Next down London town”