Why you should start speaking things into existence… today!

“Always believe in yourself”

A very common phrase most of us hear once in a while when things are getting a little tough in life. Often, they are said by our parents, teachers, friends etc. and sometimes we try to tell it to ourselves too. But most of us don’t understand the power that is hidden within these words. Let me explain to you what I have learned about these infamous words… Read article>>

About that time of year

Carnival season: it’s the most desired and anticipated time in the Latin and Caribbean countries. Here in Curaçao it all starts early, with the Jump-in and Jump-up parties, Tumba festival and the elections of the Kings and Queens of the Carnival. It’s a time where music and joy brings us all together and brings the biggest smile on our faces. Read article >>

To love

When inspiration strikes, you write it down. I’m having those moments quite a lot lately, and the outcome may vary. I can write on about anything. Whatever pops up, or whatever is on my mind at a particular moment, is inspirational for me. A blow in the wind, a stare into another human’s eyes, a random thought, the moon. Everything in life is so precious and we must treasure and adore it to the fullest. That’s why I write, if that makes sense. Continue reading “To love”

Hello beach!

Curaçao is my home because I can breathe here. I can live freely how I want to and though the island is small, I always find myself discovering new places. One way for me to exhale the toxics of my life is by visiting the beach. I feel so renewed when I enter the sea and feel the waves covering me. Read article >>