Hi! I am Shari Jourdain. A 23-year old free spirit, living in The Netherlands. The world will annually celebrate my existence on June 21. After living the perfect coconut- and palmtree life on Curaçao for 3 years, I am back on the colder side of the globe to continue my studies & pursue my dreams. I like to spend my free time traveling, whether it is abroad or just a few miles away from home.

My greatest passion is to write, and I like to combine that with photography. Though I am not a professional in neither one of them, I believe that anything becomes art the moment it is created. This blog is my art that I want to share with the world.

It’s all a glimpse of what and who I am; my thoughts, experiences and the way I see the world. And maybe because of this, someone may be a little inspired.


I hope you find joy in reading my blog, make sure to follow!



With love,


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