Thick, Furry & Glamorous

What I really miss about my all-year-summer lifestyle is that you have to cover up your outfit with a coat. You can’t just not wear one, because you’ll literally die of the cold. But how is everyone going to see what I’m wearing now? Your coat is the first impression you make on the streets in winter season, so I find having one that really suits you very important.





Before coming to Holland I had already made my mind up on what kind of coat I wanted and what colors I would want to wear. But having something in your mind and actually finding it is another story. As you might have noticed, (faux)fur coats are totally trending right now. I am also super obsessed and thanks to the help from a fashion group on Facebook I was able to find it at the ”Haagse Markt” in Den Haag. The only downside is that the buttons aren’t that firm, which can be annoying. But hey, I saved a lot by not purchasing it from an actual store where this same coat’s price is €100.- and up. #winning





What I love about this coat is that it is SO soft! I can’t stop petting myself, lol. It is also super thick, which means I can just leave it open during autumn days and will survive winter as well. And the colour, OMG. I just looooooove this mustard yellow colour. I honestly feel like I’m Beyoncé when I’m wearing it. Isn’t it great how a piece of clothing can make you feel so confident about yourself!?




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