On to new adventures

I still remember it as if it was yesterday… September 19, 2014, the day I hopped on a plane and moved to the beautiful island of Curaçao. I was only going to stay for one year but well, after extending a few times I decided I was just going to stay. And I loved that idea. I had so many plans, but sometimes life just doesn’t agree with what you have in mind.

As I grow older, my dreams & visions grow too. I still want to continue studying and considered all of my options of doing so in Curaçao, but I always felt like I just had to do it in The Netherlands. Even though I said I would never move back there, I still decided to go for it. And suddenly it was September 2014 all over again. When it comes to immigration there are so many things to arrange and keep in mind. And apart from turning your whole life upside down again you also want to relax and enjoy those last moments. Which I can say I definitely did. I had lots of beach & dinner dates with friends, went to some events and made sure I had some extra quality time with my precious Dad and family.

Enjoying the views while I still can



My favorite view then, now, always


Just look at that reflection!


Stewed goat with rice, veggies & plantain #krioyo


Harbour tour in Schottegat powered by the Maritime Museum. This is a view of Isla’s Oil Refinery


With the ferry under the Queen Juliana Bridge


So proud of my Dad for all the knowledge he has about the refinery. Visit the ”Steam For Oil” exhibition @ Maritime Museum to learn more about Isla. Super interesting!


Parties with this babe


Goodbye dinner with the Dad


So, here we are. Back in The Netherlands. Back in the freezing cold. And OMG no, I am so not exaggerating! After spending all that time in the 30+℃ burning sun, being here in October/November is hard, man. And it’s not even winter yet! Lord help me, how am I going to survive that ice age!? *cries*

On a serious note, I am excited to be here. Despite all the mixed feelings of leaving my beloved island, I am ready for all that Europe has to offer, the good & bad. Coming back felt like a much bigger step than moving to Curaçao did, and I am sure the homesickness will kick in sometimes.. But it’s all apart of personal growth and moving towards greater things. Besides, I can always go back when I feel like it.

Painful goodbye’s


Love & miss you so much my dear Kiki, see you soon!


Last moments on Curaçaoan grounds


Last views of the island…


There we go!!!


I mean… Who ever really goes on a plane and does not take the cliché window view picture!? Can’t be alone on this one, lol. Flying still amazes me.






Holland is in sight


I’ve learned so insanely much these past 3 years. I’ve been confronted with some major life lessons you simply can’t learn in school. I can proudly say Curaçao made me the strong woman I am today. This experience taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to and that we are so much wiser, stronger, and beautiful than we think we are.

Curaçao, mi lo sinti bo falta hopi! Your gorgeous white beaches, the perfect clear sea, the bachata’s on the side of the road, delicious batido’s, and all of the amazing people I was fortunate enough to meet. THANK YOU ♡.

Oh, how I love the sea. There is nothing like the peacefulness of the clear blue Caribbean waters. This was taken only a few hours before boarding… My last swim.


I was always very sceptical about having tattoo’s and said I never wanted one. Well, since I was already doing a whole bunch of stuff I said I would never do, might as well go ahead and go all out. The outlining of my beloved island on the side of my wrist seemed like the perfect idea! I get happy every time I see it. Fun fact: My Dad also got the same tatt done, only much bigger on the inside of his arm. My Dad is a real G.



I will definitely miss walking across the Queen Emma Bridge


Shamelessly obsessed with sunset skies


My last ”Truk’i Pan”, from Koki Riba Bloki of course. DELISH!


Already missing car rides with my Dad and singing along to Wini Poulo songs. ”Bula’fo yama ayoooooooo”


Forever taking pics while crossing the Queen Juliana Bridge. The view never gets old.



I hope you liked this post! And if you’re standing on the edge of making a huge life decision like I did, don’t be afraid of the risks and what if’s. Sometimes you just gotta jump and learn how to fly mid-air. Trust yourself and trust the process.


With love,


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