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As some of you may remember, I “officially” started my weightloss journey somewhere last year when I wrote this blogpost. Needless to say I did quit again and not a single pound had been lost… Though I did go for a run every once in a while, it was obviously not enough for me to lose a significant amount of weight. Combine lack of exercise with unhealthy eating and there’s the still unchanged me. But 2 weeks ago I decided to get back on track and give it my all. I’m only young once and I want to look the best I can now.


I joined this 2-week workout program called ‘Quarantaine’. For 2 weeks we’d have to attend group trainings, eat super healthy and focus on one goal: losing as much weight as possible to win a trip to Aruba! I have never been to Aruba so I was definitely motivated to win. But apart from the competition it’s been a super great motivation for me to continue with living a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies are capable of so much and it’s actually kinda sad to not live it up to its full purpose just by not exercising and eating right. I knew I could and I really wanted to go for it this time, and still do! And I truly believe that whatever you put your mind to, you can do.

I have never worked out every single day so this was quite hard. There were several trainers who had come up with different exercises each night. I’d say they were about 5mins or so each and the training was about 45mins. That might not seem like a lot, but believe me, it was. But I figured this is my shot, I signed up for this so there’s no giving it my half. It was 110% or nothing, and I have to say.. for the first time in my life I felt like I actually did give my very best. I drank a lot of water each day, cut off all rice on my plate and I was much more careful with what I ate. And though I did feel the urge sometimes to snack, I didn’t. (Ok, that’s a lie. I had a Quater Pounder once ’cause I was having a real shitty day and I was just DONE. Yeah, yeah, I know. “No excuses”… but it was ONE time during 2 whole weeks, so it’s okay…….right?)

Yesterday was the final day of Quarantaine and it was also my weigh day. Turns out I lost 5KG!!! I felt like I did lose some weight but I could never have expected this amount. I feel much fitter and soooo proud of myself. I hope eating clean will be easier now. My goal is to have a cheat meal once a week and just eat regular the rest of the time. I think that’s a pretty nice health goal. Unfortunately I did not win the weekend to Aruba, but I was placed #8 out of 150 people and got a free pass for next month’s Quarantaine, yayyy!


Ran this track countless times, lol. Can you believe how proud I was when I could finally run it in one go!?



Tip: Never forget to stretch before and after your workout!




After an aquarobics sesh with my dearest Kiki


Low quality gym selfies are very necessary.. ya know


I was SO loving these motivational quotes in the gym





Singer & trainer Hunnely Felicia awarding me with my ‘Free Quarantaine’ prize


Now you know I just HAD to reward myself with my favorite chocolate when the program was finished. #DontJudge


I am super excited to start this program again and will go even harder! If you live in Curaçao and want to improve your lifestyle and get fit, you better sign up for Quarantaine July today. Because I promise you, you won’t regret it and you will get results!!

I hope you liked this blogpost and got a little motivated as well. Have you lost weight before or trying to? Or do you have tips/struggles? Let me know in the comments, we can all support and motivate each other! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with more posts.


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