Shete Boka

I’m an island girl, living the island life.  To me, there is nothing better than the fresh smell of the sea, roughness of the rocks and feeling the soft burning touch of the sun on my skin. Curaçao has so many hidden treasures and so much nature to behold. That’s why I love to go out and explore what’s out there. To anyone visiting Curaçao, Shete Boka National Park should be in your top 10 of your To Do list. It’s been years since I last went there but going back was like experiencing it for the first time again. To this day I still find this one of the island’s most beautiful spots.


Shete Boka translates to ‘Seven Inlets’, although there are more than 7. Imagine standing on the rocks and witnessing the waves crash unto them. It was in this moment where I realised Curaçao is actually one big rock. If there’s anything I love, it’s the absence of human touch, meaning this place is still the same as hundreds of years ago. The ever-flowing sea, the flora and fauna… the sight and sound of it is most definitely spectacular to say the least. Pictures won’t even do justice to this beautiful place on Earth.


In the moment of being here it’s as if I can feel the Earth breathe. I feel such a deep connection with the ocean. There’s a firm breeze, causing the waves to get higher and faster. Each splash reminds me of human strength; When the waves of stress, pain and negativity come crashing unto us, we must be strong like the rocks and not let waves define who we are.


As you can tell, Shete Boka National Park is not only beautiful, but also very rocky. So be smart and wear steady shoes (don’t be like me and wear flip flops, trust me on this one).
I absolutely loved the peace & serenity here. I think sometimes we tend to forget how beautiful our little island is, places like this always give me a huge wake-up call to be thankful to call Curaçao my home. 


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