Good enough is what I am
I won’t let any criticism about the size I wear tell me who I am.

Good enough is what I shall be
Though my blackness is not black enough to be considered ‘one of the folks’
Nor my whiteness white enough, so I shall be referred to as ‘not from here’.

I am good enough
Even if my thoughts are not of this world or this generation;
If my hair is too soft to be wearing those box braids I always loved
But too nappy for me to go to a ‘regular’ salon.

Good enough is my mindset
Whether my nose big, or my lips small
My accent thick or not existing at all.

No one is good enough to define me so I must always do it myself
And to be able to freely and openly do so
That is worth so much more than just “good”.

©Shari Jourdain


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With love,


One Reply to “Mixed.”

  1. This poem was written in such a tastefull and clever way. I love how it explains how you can feel being a mixed race. I’ve felt this way for so long and ther is somethong very profound hearing someone put your thoughts into words. Very well done

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