No means yes, Boyfriend means no

No means yes, Boyfriend means no

So this is a subject that has been bothering me for SUCH a long time, I decided to speak out on it. As I think this subject is very recognizable to lots of girls, I wanted to openly share this thought. I’m also very curious about your thoughts about this so make sure to leave comments about your own opinion!

I follow this girl on Facebook who speaks out on social matters in a way that makes you think. Her name is Daliah and if you’re not following her on Facebook, you should! She posted a status a little while ago and my whole being just burned with annoyance and agreement on what she said.


THIS! I cannot begin to state how TRUE this is. I admit to always be telling lies about having a boyfriend, and when that doesn’t work, well… I just happen to wear my mothers ring on my left finger and will happily tell you that I’m engaged with my loving boyfriend and we’re getting married in 3 months, SO EXCITED!

Shit, now all of you know I’m single and I can’t use this one anymore… Hmm what else could I possibly think of to make you stop hitting on me and pressuring me to go out with you!?

Let’s have a moment to realize how sad that is. There is hardly any other reason for me to turn down a guy than by saying I have a boyfriend. “No” simply never works. A few days ago I was at work when a guy walked by and waved at me while pulling off his ‘seductive’ smile or whatever it was. A few moments later he entered and started telling me how oh so beautiful I was. Now, just to be clear, when someone compliments me I’ll gracefully accept it and thank you for it. I’m not a stuck up btch who’ll immediately yell at you for simply telling me I look nice. But I already knew where this was going… “So beautiful, what are you doing tonight, any chance I could see you?” No, I’m not feeling well so just going home to rest. “Alright, so give me your number then, we could have fun sometime” No, thank you I’d rather not. *comes closer* “Why not baby? You’re so beautiful, do you have a boyfriend?” No I do not. *starts laughing* “Okay, so what’s the problem? You don’t have a boyfriend so why won’t you give me your number?” Because I don’t want to. “HA HA HA you don’t want to? why not? Am I not your type?” That’s not it, just don’t want to give it to you.

Now at this point I begin to feel uncomfortable. What if he won’t leave me alone? Why won’t he just accept my decline and go? He has this look of disbelief in his eyes. Is it truly that strange for a girl to not want to give you her number without a reason. I mean, could it be that I’m just not interested at all? LOOOOOL OF COURSE NOT HAHAHA. I must be a lesbian (yes, he even asked me if I was). If I told him I had a boyfriend he’d be long gone. And I know that he now sees me as a challenge. He MUST get my number so his ego will be satisfied. Oh, and this; just because there isn’t another man in my life I’m just supposed to give away my number to total strangers because they ask for it? Why isn’t me clearly saying n o being respected?

The dude later walked away with the words: “Okay darling, I’ll be back soon to try again, then you will go out with me.” …K, bye! And there I stood, totally flabbergasted by his extreme will to get me.

I’m tired of lying and fed up of protecting myself by claiming I’m already someone else’s. … ‘Someone else’s’, as if I’m a possession any man can own!

There are lots of men who will respectfully leave you alone after you’ve declined their offer. But that doesn’t take away the fact that us women have to hide ourselves behind a non-existing lover most of the time. And I just think that’s ridiculous! But then again, I’m just a girl who should be open to meet new people and have ‘friends’.







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