Hair | 6 tips to get your curls back!

Hair | 6 tips to get your curls back!

Once upon a time there was a girl with beautiful curled hair. Her curls were healthy, bouncy and shiny. But then, the girl discovered a way to make her hair straight! “Just for a day” she told herself. She went on to the store to buy herself a straightener, this was the day she would soon regret. She became obsessed with straightening her hair and soon enough, there was nothing left of her beautiful curls but flat, dry, dead hair.

You cannot tell me about a girl with curly hair who has never straightened her hair. I too was one of many and had to face the consequences of that mistake. I have spend years trying to figure out how to get my real curls back and I think I got it now! Lately my curls have been popping non-stop! Can you imagine the joy I feel!? MY CURLS ARE BACK!!! Of course, I wouldn’t let you guys hanging so I decided to share some tips & tricks on reviving those curls of yours!


  1. Cut it

    I know, I know.. it sounds scary. But in order for your hair to be and grow healthy you must first chop off the dead, flat hair. I had my big chop in 2011 and have been regularly dry-cutting since then.

  2. Less shampoo, more conditioner

    I used to shampoo my hair every time I would condition it. Huge no-no. When you shampoo too much, you erase the natural oils your scalp produces which keep your hair healthy. So only shampoo your hair once every two weeks and use conditioner when your hair needs it.

  3. Deep condition

    I recommend deep conditioning your hair at least once a week. This helps your hair to stay strong, protect against hairproducts and leaves it really soft. I deep condition in two ways:
    • I love 100% natural products so I know that there aren’t any chemicals in it. I use Coconut oil, olive oil, and argan oil for my base, and then I mix it with whatever I have in the fridge (stay tuned for a DIY mask ideas post!).
    • After I washed my hair I fully cover my hair in a mask, let it dry naturally and then put it in a bun. I either leave it overnight or a whole day. The next morning I rinse it out and I’m ready to go!

  4. Ingredient check

    Most of us regularly check the ingredients of the food we buy, and we should do the same with our hair care. I always avoid sulfate & silicones in my products, here’s why:
    • Lots of products contain sulfates (known as SLS, SLES and ALS on the ingredient list). Sulfates create the foam in shampoos and tend to remove natural oils from our hair and leave it very dry. And as we know, dryness causes frizz, what won’t make your curls look better… Sulfate free shampoos will still clean effectively but much milder.
    • Silicones are exactly what you would expect them to be; rubber- / plastic ish. The silicone goes covers your hair and “makes” it look soft and shiny, when in reality they prevent your hair from absorbing anything. This includes moisture, water and the elements your hair actually need. Silicone products may seem good for a few days, but in the long run your hair becomes dry and weighed down.

  5. No heat

    And especially no straightening!!! I hardly blow-dry my hair, but if you have to, make sure the temperature is cold and use a diffuser. Never blow the same strand of hair too long and don’t keep it too close to your scalp.

  6. Patience

    If your hair has been damaged it won’t just change overnight, even if you have been practicing these steps. Patience is key and you must give your hair space to grow and recover. Always remember that healthy hair is better than long hair, and each curl strand needs nutrition. Years ago I used to have a bang which I would straighten every day, and believe me when I say that it also took me years to get the front of my hair to be curly again (the curls came back a few weeks ago after changing my hair routine).



March 2016 VS. May 2016



March 2016 VS May 2016




December 2015 VS. June 2016


Processed with VSCO with a4 preset



2016-05-18 08.50.49 1



2016-05-11 09.19.44 2




As you can tell, my curls are much more defined now. I have a lot more volume, it feels healthy and I don’t have as much frizz as I used to.

I truly hope that this post will help you on your natural hair journey. Stay tuned for more hair related posts!! Make sure to follow my blog and like my Facebook page!


With love,

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