When you are happy

When you are happy

Everyone has ups & downs
We fill our days with laughter, some with frowns.
Often have I wondered: “What does life want from me?”
So many things that I could be.

So I sorted my days and paid close attention
Suddenly all of my actions were filled with affection.
And I asked myself: “Who do I want me to be?”
The answer kept screamed loudly inside: happy.

So I sorted my days and counted my laughter
I counted my frowns, evaluated before & after’s.
Adults and professionals kept on pushing that question: “What and who will you be?”
But I could never reply in honesty.

Knowing they would never accept the longing of my heart
“It is foolish to be free, you must be book-smart.
But when God the Father had created me
It was with the full potential only He could see.

He told me: “Child, who ever you are, I will have your back
What it may be that makes you happy

Go be just that”.

©Shari Jourdain


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