Why you should start speaking things into existence… today!

Why you should start speaking things into existence… today!

“Always believe in yourself”

A very common phrase most of us hear once in a while when things are getting a little tough in life. Often, they are said by our parents, teachers, friends etc. and sometimes we try to tell it to ourselves too. But most of us don’t understand the power that is hidden within these words. Let me explain to you what I have learned about these infamous words…

As a Believer of Christ, I was taught that believing in God will eventually turn things alright. Though I must admit, that can be tough, especially during a moment where there are a lot of doubts. Not too long ago, two Bible verses got stuck in my head:

“Then God said: “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness …..” Genesis 1:26

“….. as you believed, so it will happen to you.” Matthew 9:29


I believe that God is the most high and that He created the world by simply saying so. Since I was created in His image… then so can I. If I believe in God, and that He is able to do all these things, then I should believe in myself as well and believe that I too, am able.

In the end, I don’t think you have to believe in God for this to be true. Haven’t you noticed how much people have been promoting Positive Thinking lately? That is because if you think positively, you will send out positive energy, and energy always comes back to its original source… YOU.


It is time to truly start believing in yourself and in the words you think and speak. If you attract positivity / success / happiness etc. then you will receive it. Let your energy flow in such a way that when it comes back to you, you won’t have to wonder where it came from. Everything comes from God (or a higher power if you will), and you were created in His/that image. This means that believing in God is also believing in yourself. Start speaking things into existence and watch good things happen to you.



Believe in yourself.


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