Beauty 101: Eyelash extensions

Beauty 101: Eyelash extensions

If by now you haven’t heard about this mega beauty hype, you must have been living under a rock. Beauticians are going wild about it and so should you, because having eyelash extensions has become a must!

The past few weeks I’ve been obsessing over my two-step Volumizer mascara by Bourjois, which makes my eyelashes look super long but still natural. I’ve been wanting to try lash extensions for a while but if I had to get them, they would have to be put on by the best. After hearing horrific stories about the possibility of having your own eyelashes fall out I would not just let anyone come near mine.

I heard lots of great reviews about Be Beautiful Curaçao so I decided to go ahead and make an appointment. The owner Bibi was so sweet and open, and she immediately provided me with all the info I needed to know. She is specialized in One By One eyelashes and also does a fantastic job with eyebrow extensions and threading.

Lash after lash

As the name One By One already says, the lashes are put on one at a time. Bibi does this with great precision and makes sure the glue isn’t in touch with the root of your natural lashes. She has a variety of lash lengths and since mine are already quite long, she used the 13cm on me. It took about 2hrs in total to get it done. It was painless and I was very relaxed, Bibi and I talked the whole time!

The lashes stayed for about 2 weeks but the duration depends on how well you treat them. They may last shorter or longer. Oh, and to secure you, my natural lashes did NOT fall off! Are you convinced to try lash extensions yet? If not, let these pictures do the talking….




A big THANK YOU to Bibi from Be Beautiful Curaçao for hooking me up. I absolutely loved my lashes!!


With love,

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