To love

To love

When inspiration strikes, you write it down. I’m having those moments quite a lot lately, and the outcome may vary. I can write on about anything. Whatever pops up, or whatever is on my mind at a particular moment, is inspirational for me. A blow in the wind, a stare into another human’s eyes, a random thought, the moon. Everything in life is so precious and we must treasure and adore it to the fullest. That’s why I write, if that makes sense.

As I was pondering about the meaning of life, and recalling some Humans of New York posts, I thought about this: at the end of the day, everyone just wants love. It’s that simple, I think that that is what most people’s heart desire is; to love and to be completely loved in return. I can write on and on about this subject but that’s not what this post is about… here is what I wrote when inspiration struck.


To love

“And we’re all in the search of love.
A confirmation of being important, needed and desired.
Regardless of our successes and rises above,
there is no feeling greater than being loved.

Let’s go deep, down to the midst of all that is
Beyond the universe, beyond the existence of our thoughts that cannot be explained.
Deeper than what defines us to be “hers” or “his”.
Deeper than water goes at the end of the cycle of rain.

There is no feeling like love that endures all aches.
The kind that stands tall and strong through quakes.
Though damaged, it never breaks.

Love brings happiness, as well as sadness.
In violence is finds kindness.
It always rejoices in tenderness.

Love will overcome any kind of hate.
It outweighs the state of despair, it is never late.
How can one not love love?
Perhaps when one has felt all the feelings, but not love.”

-Shari Jourdain ©

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With love,

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