Summer essentials all year long

Summer essentials all year long

As summer has come to an end, we tend to put all of our summer essentials in some drawer to never look at them again until the next year. But wait, before you do just that, let me explain why your summer essentials are actually all-year essentials.

When the weather changes, the vibes change and so do your products/items. For some it is understandable, as you simply can’t wear sandals or summer dresses during the winter. But there are a few exceptions. Here are my top 5 summer essentials that I like to use all year long!

We should all know it by now, even when the sun does not shine, UV radiation is still there. So in order to protect our skin from its exposure, it’s necessary to use good products which will block the radiation. Not only does sunscreen protect your skin, it is also the perfect anti aging creme! My personal sunscreen is any kind from Lancaster.

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Seawater and sunshine calls for hair masks and oil treatments, but what if I told you that your hair needs that kind of special treatment all year long! Hard wind and cold is, just as the sun, damaging for your hair. That’s why it’s important to care for it on a regular basis. You can use any kind of oil from your local drugstore and leave it in your hair for as long as you want, before washing it. I personally do this once a week.

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Detox (teatox)
One of the greatest summer hypes this year has to be the infusing water detox. Warm weather asks for extra hydration and you’ve probably been walking around with your water bottle everywhere you went. The healthy part kicks in when you infuse the water with any fruit of your choice. Lemon, mint leaves, cucumber and strawberries are my personal faves. As autumn arrives, people will be less likely to drink a lot of water, which shouldn’t be the case. To keep yourself hydrated and keep the detox going, you can use the same ingredients with hot water to create tea. Hot tea to get through the cold and still detoxing.

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Bright colours
Don’t you notice when skies turn grey, most people start to look grey as well? Just because the brightness of the sun has gone, doesn’t mean the brightness of your outfit should go too! I am all for a little pop and a bright colour  will make your outfit stand out even more. Whether it is a hat, handbag or simply nail polish, rock your colors!

Can you think of a time when a good pair of sunglasses were unnecessary? Neither can I. Summer or not, you go protect your eyes against any bright light now, honey. Though some people find it ridiculous to wear sunnies in the winter, I disagree. The sunlight’s reflection in the snow can hurt your eyes, so why go through that struggle? Oh, and you’ll look fabulous wearing them too. Win-win situation!

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Now is the perfect time to run to the store and collect these items, especially because most of them will be in sale around this time. I hope these few tips will help you… now let’s go back to counting days ’till summer starts again. 🙂


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