Tumblr… a social media platform that’s full of hipsters, fashionistas and emo’s. We’ve all heard of it and to me, it died . Until a while ago, when I got so bored I decided to visit my Dashboard again and reblog some stuff. To my surprise, I was following people who were very socially aware and posted about all the disturbingly events that happen in the world, and also the positive ones that you never heard about in the news.

Scrolling through my feed… *picture of a black person who was murdered by the police without valid reason other than him being black*. That’s basically what it comes down to. And lately the amount of these posts have been increasing more and more. Considering all the fuss about tearing down the Confederate Flag after the Charleston shooting, I feel like getting this anger out of me and turn it into awareness.

Since I first heard about Trayvon Martin’s story a few years back I started to notice just how often African Americans are being killed by white policemen. And even more, how often the white policemen just get away with the shootings! Whenever I dig deeper into these stories it breaks my heart in so many pieces, knowing that the victims will probably never get the justice they deserve. Let me give you a few names to show an example: Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Dillon Taylor and a very recent one, Sandra Bland. If you want to dig up information about them, just google their names or hashtag them on social media, you’ll be overflowed.

I want to talk about the last name … Sandra Bland, who died on July 13 in her cell at the Waller County Jail in Houston, Texas. A few days after she was arrested for “assaulting a police servant”. No, because she refused to put out her cigarette after she was pulled over for failing to signal after she took a turn with her car. The police claims she had hung herself with a trash bag that was in her cell (trashcans are not allowed in cells). Now, let’s take a look at her mugshot, shall we?

Sandra Bland mugshot

She is dead. This mugshot was not taken when she was alive. “How can you tell such a thing?” you ask?
– Why is she wearing prison clothes? When you are arrested you wear the clothes you were arrested in.
– Why is she laying on the floor? Look at the shadow around her head, look at her face, her weight is pressed against the floor and her hair looks like it falls back.
– Her eyes. There is no life in her eyes. She is looking at nothing.

Now I’ve read lots of info about her these past few days, watched the videos and seen the responses. I am truly DISGUSTED. How much longer will these homicides done by white policemen on blacks continue??? Suicide? She hanged herself? They killed her because she was taking their asses to court! She was a strong, black female who knew her rights and wasn’t planning on going easy on them after she would have been released, and they knew that. They were scared of her resolution and decided to kill her. This was an act of hate and racism and tried to cover it up by saying it was suicide. Bullshit!

I don’t live in America, nor have I ever visited it, so why am I posting this? Why would I care? BECAUSE she was human and a woman as I, but she was a black and oppressed woman. Why am I posting this? Because I don’t see anyone else posting about it. And I find that strange. I mean, everyone is always so fascinated about America. Everyone tries to adapt this American culture, or African American culture I should say, but they don’t want to acknowledge what is actually happening there!! Everyone sees it in their feed and just scrolls. But why? I remember all kinds of protests about the Charlie Hebdo shooting, so why aren’t people fed up with all these black lives being taken by police officers and justice is not GRANTED? I am mad that this is not viral news by now and that equality does not exist in the USA.

These stories are sad, but they’re real. Don’t turn your back on them. #BlackLivesMatter

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Here’s the link to the arrest of Sandra Bland: http://rare.us/story/the-sandra-bland-dashcam-footage-has-been-released-and-someone-has-tampered-with-it/

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