Birthday Resolutions

Birthday Resolutions

June 21 has just been a couple of days ago which means I am only just 20 years old. Although most people view 21 as official adulthood and an important age, I think 20 is more special. It’s an even number. I remember a decade ago I was wondering what life would be like at 16, 18 and how I would be at 20. Now I know. There is so much going on from age 10 – 20, it’s insane. You grow the most through this decade. You start as a child and then BOOM… you’re all grown up! You’ll never experience this kind of growth in life ever again and that fascinates me.

I have come up with personal resolutions to help me go through the next decade, which too shall be challenging since I have to make my way through adulthood for real now. There are a few things in my life that I need to let go of and renew. Change and improvement is always good, especially when it comes to yourself. So here are my 20th birthday resolutions for the next decade, to myself (and to you).

1) Be happy, regardless

I feel like this one is the most important one, so I’m starting with it 🙂 I have learned that happiness is in fact, a choice. YOU are solely in control of what you allow to control you, what you allow to move you, what you allow to change you. You do not need to have all of the money in the world, neither do you need to have tons of friends. Learn to create happiness on your own. You were put on this Earth with nothing at all, which means God made you whole and gave you all you need to survive your life, which is you. It is okay to be sad, angry, disappointed and what not, but those are emotions. Embrace them and let happiness be your foundation of everything.

2) Stop thinking, start living

I catch myself overthinking my thoughts more often than I think is healthy and I realize I have to let go. Sometimes it’s not so bad to just go with the flow and see what happens when it happens. Press the off button on your brain every once in a while and discover that all ain’t that big of a deal anyway. Let your thoughts breathe so you’re all good when it’s time to start evaluating certain things again. You’ll be surprised how much more you’ll appreciate life itself once your mindset is free.

3) Stop being a lazy shit

Now I know y’all can feel me on this one. You have goals you want to accomplish, you got things to do, you know you can make something big out of yourself. BUT… you don’t feel like working on it just right now. You want to chill, you prefer getting some sleep and wasting time on social media because you weren’t doing anything at the moment anyway. That’s completely normal but you could spend that time doing something useful, something that could pay off in the future. Whether it is working out, doing homework, attend workshops/courses, do it! Invest in yourself, build yourself up and create your own success. Success takes time, so it’s best to start now, than to regret later. I’m very excited to behold what the next 10 years have in store for me and can’t wait to be looking back on this post when I get 30!

My cousin Nohely surprised me with filling my car with balloons before we went night swimming to celebrate my birthday. Such a sweetheart!

Adorable gift from my friend Gilbert, my heart melted.

“Breakfast” at Saint-Tropez

Marriot Hotel, Curaçao


Jacuzzi time!



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