Trying to find a way to express myself,
a way to identify my worth.
When no one seems to notice you,
and you slowly slip away … then you start losing all you are.

Spare me, keep my soul.
Hold me together,
all the drops that will form the ocean
with all creation that lives inside.
It is all in my own hands.
So, where do I put it?

All these lies that adults used to tell me…
I don’t want to be as them.
Not as those who only follow the crowd,
and lose their brain along the way.
Need to keep myself from falling,
I must shield who I am.

Don’t try to destroy me
I will silently not care anyway,
’cause people will die and forget anyway.
So I will try to keep myself grounded,
as close to Earth as possible.

But my soul? Oh, it’s somewhere in the Universe.



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