Living away

Living away

Questions I hear most when I tell people that I’ve moved abroad for two years are mostly about the aftermath. Questions like “how do you like Curaçao?, do you want to go back to Holland?, did you make lots of new friends?, do you even speak the language?”. Then the compliments start about how much they admire me for taking such a step, following my dreams and doing exactly what I want. I’m a so-called risk taker and due to my pictures everyone assumes I’m having the most wonderful time EVER. Ok, time to come clean.

First of all, it’s a big change, there are a lot of cultural differences and with some things it’s like going a few years back in time because it’s definitely not as developed here as it is in The Netherlands. Secondly, I went from living solely with my Dad to living with an entire family (9 people). Having to give up personal space certainly wasn’t an easy thing to do haha.

But I guess those things are easy to adapt to, change is always and everywhere. So though sometimes I get annoyed by busses that don’t show up or having to wait almost 2hrs at the insurance company only to be send home just because the desk lady (probably) doesn’t like me, I can cope. The difficult part is being so far away from my loved ones and having to take care of everything myself. Paying my own bills, making my own phone calls, going from place to place, figuring everything out myself and being 100% responsible for absolutely everything. Now these things would be exactly the same if I was still back home but being so far definitely gives a different feeling to it.

To answer the question of whether or not I want to go back to Holland… well I kind of have to, but I’m not sure what I want. Part of me wants to stay here because I just genuinely feel so happy and free. But then again, I miss shopping, I miss school and I miss structure. Being away for so long makes you realize what you had, though I know I would probably be bored soon after returning, lol. The thing is, I miss my friends, the joy I have with them doesn’t compare to the relationships I have with my cousins (they are bomb nevertheless).

I don’t know, this part of my life is really exciting, I experience so many new things and get to know so many different people which is really cool. Not to mention that I feel extremely blessed that I am able to do this and be here, but sometimes it’s just… I need a break from my break, does that make sense?

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