Goodbye and Hello!

Goodbye and Hello!

It has been nearly 8 months since I hopped on plane and moved to the precious island Curaçao, and not a single post had been made… Due to my laptop being broken I wasn’t able to post and edit the pictures so I decided to wait for my tablet, which is finally here (YAY)! I have received lots of questions by people such as: “What are you doing in Curaçao? How long will you stay? Why did you decide to go there? Are you even coming back?”. So let me explain.

You know the feeling you get when you’re just so fed up with everything? Your life is on automatic, you’re tired of school, of work, of LIFE? You wish there was a way where you could just escape and leave everything behind? That’s exactly why I left. I was tired, I was fed up, I had no more motivation for school or whatsoever, so I said “fuck it”, I’m out. So here I am, about 8,000 km away from The Netherlands, living in paradise. It wasn’t really a hard decision to make because I’ve obviously been here before, but it sure was a stressful one. I had to unlist myself from The Netherlands and list in Curaçao, cancel all of my subscriptions and insurances. The weeks before my departure were nervewracking and I must have asked myself a billion times: “What the hell am I doing??? I’m going NUTS!

September 19 was the big day and I was ready. I wasn’t nervous at all because I’ve done so much mental preparing, I just wanted to go… so I did. I wasn’t going to see Dutch ground for another 2 years, but I was going to see the Caribbean. Not so bad, huh? So yes, 2 years. In these 2 years I plan on discovering more of my Island and visit other islands in the Caribbean, and maybe also a bit of the USA. My greatest desire is to travel, and now is the perfect time, I am still young and have only minor responsibilities. However, I am going back to The Netherlands because I do want to continue studying and I’d have much greater opportunities in Europe. This is the first post of many more to come, so stay tuned!


Surprise goodbye dinner with friends. This was the sweetest thing ever! Thx guys 🙂


Goodbye dinner with Tom, Mekdes & Michelle


I’ll miss my angels



Squad goals









THE bridge



Fav juice


Mambo Beach


Focus ‘nd notice



Loved wearing this polka-dot playsuit from ASOS


@ Iguana Café




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