Next down London town

Next down London town

It had only been a few days since I had returned from France and I was already packing for my next trip… LONDON! Since my friend Mekdes has been living in London the past few weeks for her internship, and my birthday was coming up, Michelle and I figured it would be the perfect excuse to hop on a plane and head to London town for a few days.

After a sunsetting flight and a (too) long bus ride, we finally arrived at Liverpoolstreet, at the heart of London, where Mekdes was awaiting us. We decided to spend the night at Mekdes’ appartment, eating snacks and catching up.
The next day we decided to stroll around the city a bit and figure out where the hotspots would be the upcoming days. Thank goodness for the marvelous weather, though. We had perfect sunshine with a cooling breeze and not one grey cloud to be seen, what from England.
After dining at Pizza Hut we got dressed for the night and prepared for partying at Tiger Tiger where I would spend the first minutes of my 19th birthday.

Well, what can I say? Clubbing was kick ass, the place was packed and not one time was I bored by the music, what often happens when I go out. We didn’t get home until 6am which meant we had to take the morning bus. The bus was of course filled with moody people on their way to work, but we couldn’t care less and started singing, clapping and dancing like it was the last day of our lives? We are normally very civilized girls, but heck, we’re in London to have fun, right? No? Oh well.

As always, we enjoyed ourselves in the beautiful city of London. I had a birthday well spend and Mekdes was all ready to go home. Can’t wait to see what London holds in store for me next time!


All set to go!



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Stunning view from the plane

2014-06-20 16.16.04


2014-06-20 14.49.26

Mah Billy



2014-06-20 16.09.54

Mich & Mek


2014-06-20 18.01.15



2014-06-20 16.09.49

London in a nutshell


2014-06-21 19.02.36

Birthday dinner at Angus Steakhouse, yums


2014-06-22 20.20.53

Desert at TGIFriday’s

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