France | Grenoble

France | Grenoble

While I was browsing through my phone the other day, I came across a picture I had saved a long time ago. A beautiful landscape with mountains and I found out it was taken in Grenoble, the Alps. I immediately knew that that was a place I had to visit. I always wanted to go to the Alps and would not miss this opportunity to visit. So I grabbed my laptop, did some research about the city and booked a hotel to stay the weekend.

On May 24 I took the early train to get to my destination….Grenoble. I personally love trains because of the wonderful views you always get to see. Trains have a way of displaying what a country looks like because you go through all these different cities. When I almost arrived at Grenoble I was amazed to see some beautiful mountains in the distance. They were covered in snow and it looked exactly like what you always see in TV or the Internet. This was my very first time in the Alps and also the first time seeing huge mountains covered in snow. I was stunned and absolutely loved it.

When I finally arrived I started walking in a random direction just to get to know the city a bit better. 
I came across this huge mountain and found out that it was possible to “climb” it. It was once again a parc that led you all the way up to the top. I could have also used the cable way, but I thought it would be more interesting to walk the way up. 
It was quite a steep parc and because of the warm wheather it was sometimes a little exhausting because I had to carry all of my belongings with me. However, I was glad I had put on my good walking shoes in stead of flats, because all I seem to be doing here in France is climbing hills (LOL).

When I got to the top I had the chance to enjoy the lovely view over the city of Grenoble. The most amazing and fascinating part to me was definitely the snowtops that were still visible on the mountains. I can only imagine what it looks like during the winter, when all of the mountains are like that, definitely worth a second visit in the future. I took the cableway back on the way down and explored the city a bit more before I started looking for my hotel. Now, of course…. the hotel was nearby and would be easy to find, so I had read on the Internet, but I got lost and it took me an hour to find it. If only I had turned left a few streets earlier….. It kind of sucked because I wanted to go for a walk in the evening, but once I was settled in the hotel I almost immediately fell asleep.

The following day I decided to once again discover the beautiful city and started off by taking a lovely walk in Parc Paul Mistral. I did not really visit anything special on my second day in Grenoble because I was mostly walking near the roads to see more of the mountains and got lost…a lot. I have walked for hours and really enjoyed it but after not knowing where I was while walking in the burning sun it gets a little tiring and I was kind of over it and ready to go back home. I finally got back to the city and there I took a seat on a bench to read my book for a little while. I then decided to take the train back home and walk in Lyon for a bit. I had a splendid weekend in Grenoble and am happy that I went there. I would definitely recommend visiting this city, especially in winter time, when I hope to be there as well.

Train view


Can you see the snow on top of the mountains in the distance? Ahh….love that


La ville de Grenoble


Bastille Hill


La Bastille


Parc Guy Pape (Jardin des Dauphins)





Lovely view


Parc Guy Pape (Jardin des Dauphins) There were so many ways to get to the top, some of them were steep stairs with an entrance like this one…





The cableway I had to take down later on. I am nowhere close to being scared of heights, but man when I was in there and I looked down, this sudden thought came up that I would fall all the way down and land in the trees. My death would probably be quick, but those seconds while falling…I’m sure they would seem like eternity, but ok, let’s not talk about that 😉



My favorite picture from the whole trip. This one just does it.




Parc de ville






Another one with the awesome cableway



Les Halles Saint Claire, inside is a little market where they sell all kinds of fish, meat, cheese, wine etc.






Parc Paul Mistral





Cute little house in the middle of the woods…seems so peaceful






Train view on the way back




The lovely Lyon

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