I wrote this a little while ago because I wanted to release all of my frustration regarding recent events in this world. We all behold so much negativity in this day and age and it makes me long for Utopia

My heart breaks when I hear about how the younger people literally fight the elderly and rob them. 
My heart breaks when I read another news report about innocent children being abducted or murdered. 
My heart is tearing apartwhenever I witness disrespect and lack of love.
I think that we must all take a clear look at ourselves and realise that we are society. That means, whenever we blame society for something, we blame ourselves. I too, am sometimes judgemental and forget to look at my own flaws. But we must all change our personal selves in order to change the society that we are. The world is not just ruled by the ”system”, if we all stand up and make a change, an actual change, then we possibly could. Isn’t that possibility worth the try?

Here it is:


A shortage of recognition and appreciation;
these things are often left underrated, 
without the right amount of attention.

How come a shortage of love and care exist,
when many have plenty of love for money,
and care more for their fame & repulation than for their family and friends?

A shortage of respect and obediance towards parents and the elderly,
this happens to be a common thing in my generation.

Peace & loyalty is rare,
the world we live in has a shortage of faith and humanity.
There is a shortage of hope and trust,
of wisdom and cravings for inner beauty.

Is it now still odd, that people have given up on God?
Have given up on the slightest bit of hope and love that still exists?
What if all these shortages were the oposite…were in overflow,
would we then be satisfied…?’

© Shari Jourdain

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