France | Lyon et Saint Chamond

France | Lyon et Saint Chamond

Another week gone by, filled with lots of sunshine 🙂
I am secretly counting the days until my internship is over and my vacation can start, but I still have so many places to visit that I am also still happy to be here in France. 
I don’t really do much after work. I usually just grab my laptop, browse 9gag, talk to my friends or go jogging. I am finished at 4pm so sometimes, when I’m in the mood, I can do some shopping.

Anywizzle, week 4… I didn’t really plan anything for the weekend so I decided to visit Lyon again because I just love that city. I browsed the Internet for a bit to find out what the top places in Lyon are to visit. I was happy to be blessed with such nice weather. The sun was shining bright and there were hardly any clouds. Unlike the previous days, where it has been rainy and mostly cloudy. I had a great day and really enjoyed my own company 🙂

The following day, Sunday, I went to a small city, a little closer to Saint-Étienne…it is called Saint Chamond. I’ve been passing by this city a few times during my train rides to Lyon, and I always thought it looked so French and cultural, so I had to visit. Once again, it was sunny so the perfect day to go out and explore! 

Since I have been in France, I have been seeing lots of valley’s and mountains. And all I wanna do is get on top, so as soon as I saw there was a possibility for me to get unto a hill in Saint Chamond, I took it. I had a nice little walk and enjoyed the view this cute city gave me. 

There’s not really that much to tell, so let the pictures speak for themselves….


Amazing street art. Thought it was a legit bookstore until I looked up


Chapelle de la Sainte-Trinité


The infamous kiss of betrayal….


Place des Terreaux


Place des Terreaux


Much lion, such roar


Took a moment to chill out in the sun, have a drink and read my novel


Saint Chamond


Une patisserie et boulangerie


Back in Saint-Étienne



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