Saint-Étienne, France

This is exactly what I felt like when my Mom dropped me off at the station around 6am on April 11. I was leaving for France and wouldn’t be coming home for another 2 months. I’ll be in Saint-Étienne, the east-central part of France for my internship. Being a senior of International Business Studies, it is part of the program to do an internship and I chose to do mine abroad once again since the opportunity came along.

It has been a year since I left for Curaçao, which is like 10 times further away than France, but I must say, I was way more nervous about this trip. The thought of being totally alone and doing everything by myself is kind of scary. Okay, not completely alone… I got in touch with a student from Saint-Étienne, and he would show me around the city and help me out. Thank GOD that I’d at least have one friend. 

Once I was settled in the train I could finally breathe. After 10 hours, delays and some naps I finally arrived at my final destination: Saint-Étienne. Two students, Geoffrey and Camille were waiting for me and gladly showed me the way to my residence. Once I got everything taken care of and dropped my luggage in the appartement, me and Geoffrey went to get some food and he showed me around the city for a bit. 
I spent my Saturday unpacking and figuring out how I was going to get to my internship on Monday. 
On Sunday Geoffrey invited me to an American Football game of his team. Which was kind of cool since I had never been to such a game before. Afterwards we walked through the city and then it was time for me to get home and study…..yes, study. Since I’m in France and I have been studying French for several years, it is obvious that I will be speaking in French…a lot











It was pretty cool seeing this church. When I was searching for my residence on Google Maps I found out that it would be near a church, so actually standing in front of it was nice.


The football game
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