Schooltrip Dublin, Ireland.

So I know I am extremely late with this post but I just had to. It has been nearly 3 months since I have visited Dublin, Ireland and I still haven’t been able to write about it. I’ve been busy with school and work and was not quite feeling myself lately so I decided to postpone it until I felt like it. Yes, 3 months seems a little over the top (and it is, omg) but oh well, here you go 🙂

On the late afternoon of January 26, my classmates and I all gathered at the Eindhoven Airport for our one-week trip to Dublin, Ireland. We were all super excited because this would be the final study trip of our class. After three years of studying and traveling together, this would be the last time, so we decided to make the best of it!


We arrived early in the evening and once we were all settled in the Ashling hotel (****!) we went to a restaurant to have dinner. Afterwards we decided to go for a walk and see if there were some party facilities near. Being adventurous and careless as we all are, we took a taxi and asked if he could bring us to a hot place. 

We got into the club and I’ve only got one word to describe what partying in Dublin is like: WOW.
Seriously, wow. This was Geordie Shore in real life, lol. People were making out seconds after meeting each other, girls were dressed in über short dresses/skirts, with the highest heels (some even in flip-flops). Which was surprising because it was still WINTER and very cold….
We partied like there was no tomorrow and boy did I have a blast.


View near the hotel
Partying in sweaters, why not?

We got up early to grab some breakfast and leave for our first activity: a lecture by Mr Sean Byrne about the Irish Economy. He talked about the history of Ireland, some important people, the culture and most importantly, the economy. It was very interesting, but since it was so early I was still kind of sleepy so can’t remember much of it. 

The Bart (Casanova)

Afterwards we visited the bank of Ireland and had lunch. Next up was the Jameson Visitor Centre. Now, for the serious drinkers among us, you must know that Jameson is the #1 of Irish Whiskey, it is very popular and heavenly delicious. We got a small tour and learned about the history of Jameson, the destillery and eventually got to taste the Whiskey itself. I am personally not a drinker and you will most-likely never catch me drinking alcoholic beverages, but MAN was that some goodass booze. I really enjoyed the soft, exceptional taste. 




Luuk, Randy



We went to the very famous Trinity College. I know most of you know this one because of the extraordinary library. I have wanted to visit this library for years now so actually being able to witness it while on a schooltrip was amazing. 




Later in the afternoon we went to the Guiness Storehouse. Guiness is a very typical Irish beer and is one of the most successful ones worldwide! Again, we had a tour, but without a guide this time. We were able to walk around and take pictures and see what the brewery of Guiness beer is like. Very fascinating…
Afterwards we were once again able to try the beer. It had a very, umm…different taste to it than other beers. Not that I’ve had much sampling but it was alright. Since I’m not a drinker and I couldn’t dislike beer anymore, for me to say that it was OK is a big thing, haha.




Epic timeframe from the 60’s up until the 00’s.

This was a day we all looked very forward to, though we didn’t quite know what to expect… The Celtic&Boyne tour. This was some kilometers outside of Dublin and we would see and explore a lot of nature and history. We left very early in the morning and had a bustrip of about an hour. 

Our first stop was at this huge valley with small climbs. We had to walk through the grass and learned some of the history there. Next up was a mountain we had to climb. It was some sort of ”cursed” mountain because of some vague history. There was a witch that lived on top of that mountain over a thousand years ago, and she would regularly climb up the mountain and throw big rocks down. One day, as she was pushing another rock down, she fell and died. We had to walk all the way up and visit her little ”’house” (more cave-like) and see the view. Now… when I say walk, I am not just talking about walking. I am talking about struggling, crying, not-trying-to-look-back-cause-it’s-scary. Goodness gracious that was one hella walk. The grass was slippery because of the rain, so we had to be extra cautious not to fall, and I DO NOT like to fall. Anyway, we all made it to the top safely and the view was so worth the walk. 
However, on the way down, I did slip, but luckily no major injuries (thank God). 
Probably the funniest moment of the whole trip was when my classmate Bart tried to act like the ”Tough Guy” and totally fell on his back. After moments of laughing and laughing he got up to continue the walk AND SLIPPED AGAIN!!! But this time… face down. Can you believe it!? He was totally covered in wet dirt which was pretty sad to say, but needless to say…hella funny!

Although the Wednesday trip was….interesting (?) and very beautiful, it gave us all a weird vibe because we were exposed to so much death. Because of all the history that was behind the places we visited, we saw a lot of graves, were told a lot about dead people to the point where it got a little uncomfortable. But well, still a cool tour, LOL.





It is said that hanging some of your belongings on this tree it will bring goodluck…well this was one of the most creepiest things I’ve ever seen…seems so haunted.





After this exhausting walk we got to a little restaurant and had lunch. We visited an acient castle and old church. 
It was a very interesting day but very creepy as well. In every place that we visited this day, we saw graveyards. I have never seen so many graveyards in day in my life and I hope I will never have to again. There was too much going on about death and skeletons, it made me shiver, yuk. Cool but creepy day.

Knight Arjen..right
This is the head of Saint Oliver Plunkett, who was executed on 1 July, 1681.  Located at the Saint Peter’s Church in Dublin, Ireland.

The creepy lights in the eyes were the reflection of a camera’s flash, perfectly timed by my phone. 

Understand why it was such a freaky day?

After getting some rest from the day before we were just chilling and clearing our minds on thursday by walking through the Phoenix Park. A huge and wonderful park in Dublin that was really refreshing after these hectic days. The perfect way to start our last day in the gorgeous Ireland. In the evening we went to the Shelbourne stadium where we had dinner over a Greyhound racing. A Greyhound racing is a race between trained dogs. We were able to bet on which dog was going to win, pretty cool because it was the first time I’ve ever done such a thing:)


All in all, it was a great (school)trip and definitely memorable. Here are some more awesome pictures that I took during these days. Worth taking a peek 🙂






This guy saw me taking a picture and insisted on being featured on one. Here you go, dear stranger 😉





Having lunch at a cute restaurant while sitting across a cute person.
Actual ”iced” tea, so you know it’s fresh!





(No, those were not my drinks. I was holding them for a friend and took advantage of the situation by snapping a pic)
Very handsome stranger

Say hi to my dear friend Arjen. Oh, don’t worry, this is just him in his normal state. Nothing new to him…passing out: it’s a lifestyle



Lovely view on the way back to the NL.
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