”Keep your coins, I want change”

I was just scrolling through my IG feed and came across a quote: ”Don’t expect that everything will always be the same”. And though this is just another statement that everyone actually already knows, it kind of hit me and made me realise, the one thing we should all prepare for is change.


Prepare for change


 I kind of like the sound of that. Now, it can mean a lot. I mean, people change, situations change, feelings change, money changes, music does….nothing actually stays the same, life is one big circle that continues to evolve. However, regardless of all the changes that happen in our lives, everything is somehow still the same. As I have said in one of my posts: ”Everything is new, but all is old and the same”. In other words, nothing’s new under the sun.
I personnally crave for change. I want as much change as possible. Getting out of your comfort zone means change. I want to change my life, maybe that is why I love travelling so much. 
Lots of people always give me this very odd look whenever I say I love to travel and when they see I do travel quite often. I guess they wonder why I spend my money on buying plane tickets rather than on clothing or other material stuff. Travelling equals change. By going away, to a totally different place, you can be a totally different person. By changing your surroundings, you are able to change yourself.
You can be whoever you want to be.
Change is inevitable and it happens to anybody. I will grow, I will change. Others may not like it, but I will. Rather positive or negative. Life would be so boring if we’d all stay the same for all our lives. Can you imagine being the exact same person 10 years from now? 
We all play a big part in this world. As one, we are small, but as a whole we stand united. We should all contribute to change our world. We should all contribute in helping the less fortunate and be the reason why people’s faith in humanity will restore. We should work towards peace, equality, love. That is change, you know. We should be more open, a little more sensitive and a little less offended. We should all strive for change, in benefit of the human race as a whole. 

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