We’ve all seen it somewhere, sometime on our Social Media platforms…. the ”proud, single Mom”. She makes sure that her children are taken good care of and that the world knows. She goes through so much trouble and pain because she has to deal with it all on her own. We tell her to be strong and that she is doing such a good job. Why would she ever need a man?

She is doing perfectly fine by herself. she may nit even need financial support from her “baby daddy”. She is a strong woman, she gets up early, works hard to provide the best for her kids. We see the cute pictures and are convinced she really doesn’t need a man to help her out. We see the “single Mom and PROUD” pics and we like them. We like them.


But apart from some extreme exceptions, why are we supporting this? 
Think about it, why are we supporting single parenthood? Whatever happend to a FAMILY!? A family, you know, where a man and woman are married and raise their kids together. Remember when that was the common standard for having babies in the first place? Why are we agreeing to children living without a father or (in some cases) a mother? Why are we saying ”YES” whenever someone says they are proud to be a single parent. I understand, you do not want to come across lonely or seem like you are having a hard time, when a father is not around. But that is okay. 
Nowadays, most of these single Moms are under their 20’s and are already struggling to come up with money. They didn’t get married with the father of the child and that’s probably because they hadn’t known each other long enough. I really think we should stop promoting the Single Parent Empowerment and start promoting how important creating a family is. Where the father is involved with the child’s life just as much as the mother is. 
Yes, I know plenty of girls who are raising their children on their own, and I won’t lie, they are doing a great job! And I know as a matter of fact that more than anything, they’d wish the father of their children was involved. And yes, I get that some girls are really better off without the father. 
Stop making young girls think it is OK to not try to work things out. Stop making them think it is OK to raise children alone. They need a father, they need a mother. Guys, stop making girls pregnant if you are not ready to take full responsibility if there may be consequences. Everybody’s just too young….too young to do any of this.
I see way too many posts about how great being a single parent is, but don’t you realise the child is missing out on a huge influence?
This world’s messed up…. Whatever happened to the Cosby Show? Teaching people that you should strive for a nice career, a loving partner and raising kids to do well? Whatever happened waiting for the right person to give yourself away to? Why is it weird to be 18+ and say you never had sex before? Isn’t that a wonderful thing actually?
For a change, comment what your view on this subject is, I’d love to hear it. 
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  1. March 6, 2014 / 12:32 am

    FACT FACT FACT! a round of applause for you shari!! i think family love is really important in kids life.

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