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I’ve been thinking. Ok, not just ”thinking”, everyone does that. Let me state it differently; I’ve been evaluating. Everything. It’s not like this is new to me, not at all. I’ve always been a fair thinker and ”philosopher” if  you will. I find it so interesting to let my thoughts go through the waves of the sea and discover that I am so small, I do not know much at all.

 I love to discover new things, better yet, I love to overthink. Despite the fact that overthinking can be negative sometimes, I think it can also be seen as a useful ability. Isolation is one of the worst situation a human could be found in, and I personally do not like to be limited.
Whenever I think about something, I like to think about it from different angles. What if…and what if not…
Gratitude is one thing that has been in my mind a lot recently. Isn’t it weird that every one of us is equal to another, yet we all have such different perspectives of being grateful and taking things for granted. Why is that? Some people are content with just a little, when others are just craving for more and more…endlessly. 
Another topic that I think about is money. We all want as much of it as possible, don’t we? But why is this? I mean, what is money actually. It is nothing, yet so much. Money is an intangible value people have made up. It would be very hard to survive without money nowadays. 
I often feel like money should mean nothing to me since it does not actually bring any value into my life, it does not make me happy and some finer things in life do not have a pricetag on it. However, I do need it in order to the things I want to do. 
I think it is weird that we all have to pay taxes. I mean, nobody that is alive or has ever lived has ASKED to be born. So why do we have to pay to live on this earth? Does it not belong to all of us? God created this world and everything / everyone in it. Who am I actually paying? And why can’t people do things for free? Why do we always have to ask money for it. Can’t we just do something for others just because we love them or to show appreciation?
Now, I can already hear all of the ”facts” and extremely obvious explanations for all of my questions and wonderings. Though, I do not actually seek the answers. I just let my thoughts run and see where it gets me. Re-evaluate life or something. I know and understand that paying taxes is important in order to have certain facilities and protection in the community. I figured that the ”hippie” in me sometimes acts up, lol.
It’s kind of sad that there always have to be some people who ruin it for others. What can I say…one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. And I sincerely pity that. I don’t get why people need to be so mean, greedy, aggressive, jealous and full of hatred. It’s in our nature, of course, but wouldn’t life be so much better if things were different, like simple things. 
It gets tiring sometimes.
Thank you.


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