Alright…so this is it. Another year gone, another one to live! (with God’s will)

I’ve got to say, it’s been one heck of a ride this year. I did much more than I expected when the fireworks went off on January 1. I met lots of new people and left a few behind. Did plenty of neat stuff and discovered a lot. This year has been all about travelling.

It started off in Helsinki, Finland, after that it was time for Tallinn, Estonia. Now guess what…just a month later I went to Curaçao. I spent the best 4 months of my life on that island and made incredible memories. To top it all of with one of my biggest passions, travelling. A few days back I went to the Christmas fair in Düsseldorf, Germany with my Mom and I will end this year in London, England.

Pretty exciting, huh? I thought so

In 2013 (like most people), I have laughed, cried, smiled, hurt, fought, ran, slowed down, ate, enjoyed, observed, calmed down, discovered, learned a lot and I have loved. There must be plenty of things I have forgotten, but the list would be endless if I would continue. 

Let’s stop all this chit-chat as we speak, I’d rather show you what my year has been about. Some of the highlights of my year and memories I wish to cherish forever. Might seem blah, but important to me! Here’s one tiny glimpse into my world.

 Enjoy J
January 1
Off to Helsinki
Pretty epic that a business presentation contained memes 😉
Ha-ha-haaaa this was hilarious
LOL, yea dis 1 2
Tallin, Estonia
I love how this pigeon is just looking over Tallinn, as the real boss he is. 
Some pictures were taking of random hotties…

…and random cuties.
I am a mentally ill person and proud.
My classmates are stinkin’ funny
‘Cause sometimes yo ass just gotta ”ghetto” it all out
The little things
My little cous just had to get a feauture, LOL
Still amazed by the fact that Curaçao has bollards in most of their KFC restaurants. So stereotype and funny to me xD
Finally ”home” after a long trip
Graduation is a fact. Hard work pays off!
Long, endless walks of freedom
Endless movie marathons were a must this year
Christmas fair
That’s it. My year up until now. I will admit that I am proud of everything I’ve accomplished so far and cannot wait to behold what is yet to come in 2014!
I am so ready, especially to start it of in LONDON.
*All pictures are B/W because I thought it would suit current events. A lookback on past year, it belongs in the past, it is all history now. Therefore, black and white suits best.
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