Thoughts that match

How could the past’s circumstances have possibly led me to this predicament?
It’s been such a long time now, but the feeling I get when hearing about you still feels so unpleasant.
I spend most of my days wondering, most of my life living,
You’ve gotten more of my love than you were deserving of… but then again, life’s about giving.

Your touch used to make me weak. My bones would melt, each one including my skull.
Maybe that is why my brain went numb when you left, gosh you were so cruel.
I have never understood, nor will I ever,
The thought of losing and having you, in a certain way, makes me shiver.

A year, a dreadful long year,
And one look from your eyes brings the past back to here.
Feelings that were felt in the deepest of the night and brightest of the day, they’ve never gone
I had intended to leave you behind, start all over in the new year, along with a brandnew dawn.
No successes were drawn from this event, you’re still very much alive in my heart
So are your features and that what you are, a masterpiece of art.

You fit together so perfectly, just like I had hoped we’d be
Full of dissapointments I will go. Unfortunately for me, it has not been up until now, that I see.
Ever since your appearance in my life, my vision has become unclear
My heart, soul, mind and eyes were unable to see properly, because of you my dear.
Yes, I have loved, but never as much as I had loved you
If only I was able to go back into the past’s circumstances, to prevent myself from happening all that has led unto this predicament… Oh, how I’d wish that only then I knew.©

-by Shari Jourdain
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