Lonely alert (!!!)

I think we have all read it somewhere, sometime; a single girl who points out that just because she is not in a relationship, doesn’t mean she is lonely. Being single means she is strong enough, patient, happy independent, blah blah blah. Alright ladies, we’ve all been there. But every now and then, it is okay to be honest.

As a single girl I will admit that I feel pretty free, independent, careless etc. I get to do my own things and can look at whoever I want to. On top of that, I do not think I would have the time to have a boyfriend at the moment, I’m way too busy (LOL).

But being a single girl, I do feel the urge of wanting someone to love me. I want someone who makes me feel confident and good about myself. Sometimes you just wish to watch a silly movie late at night and fall asleep together.

Ain’t that normal?

I don’t feel like I have to protect myself when I say that I am single. In fact, my actual response when someone asks me why I’m single is that I’m one ugly duck and nobody wants me. Just joke it out like in the ol’ days, right?
Nah, but really. I don’t even know why I am posting this, because I think relationships should be private and not be exposed over the Internet, especially in the early stage. Oh well. Since I’m not dating, and this topic just flew through my mind…that’s what a blog is for!


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