Music was my first love…

… and it will be my last.
Music of the future,
and music of the past…

If you know me personally, you would know I’m a sucker of music. To me, every object is an instrument as long as it makes a sound. I love to make beats out of everything and enjoy singing silly songs about random things.

A little while back I met a singer called Solange Rose… One of the most inspirational woman I think I’ve ever met in my life. In about 3 months she turned into a ”big-sister” figure for me and our conversations are endless. She knows about my passion for music sooooo…….she decided to take me to one of her performances at CLUB DAUPHINE!!!

Club Dauphine is a fancy restaurant where you can have a fancy dinner and get entertained by fancy performers who’ll sing a couple of fancy songs. I was able to get backstage, meet the artists and enjoy the whole programme. It was extremely cool to actually witness what a soundcheck is like and to see artists chill with each other, talking about their passion: MUSIC.

I’ve seen the following artists:

  • Tessa Belifante (Known from the Voice of Holland)
  • Solange Rose
  • Tim Akkerman (Formerly leadsinger from Di-Rect)
  • Marieke Smit
  • Caprice (Background singer from Anouk)
  • Florence Eykemans
  • Na’omi Parlama
They all performed with a live band leaded be Roger Happel (a Dutch singer/songwriter and keyboard player). It was such an amazing experience to see them all on stage. My heart was at joy. It has really opened my eyes to see what I want to do later on in my career.
Here are some videos to give you a little taste of what it was like. I LOVED IT!
Roger Happel

Tessa Belifante – Skinny Love
Tim Akkerman – Catch the Sun

Caprice – Incognition
Tim Akkerman – Englishman in New York (background by Tessa and Na’omi

Unfortunately, due to some strange technological issues, I was not able to upload Solange’s performance. But please do feel free to like her page, visit her website and check out her YouTube! I hope to get Solange’s video up here ASAP.

To live without my music,
would be impossible to do.
In this world of troubles,
my music pulls me through.

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