It’ll be worth it.

This is how I feel. I just had a week off, but it sure feels as if I didn’t. I am overloaded with everything.

Schoolwork, gym, work, searching for an internship… it’s exhausting. On top of that, it is autumn and it gets colder by the day. I know I am able to handle it all, but it’s just a little stressful. I barely have time to do anything during the week and I literally have to make plans 2 weeks beforehand if someone wants to hang out… ugh.

Everybody is moving fast. Walking fast, breathing fast. They never really take time to stop and THINK. Sometimes I look around, I feel my heartbeat slow down and it feels like everything and everyone around me moves slowly, like in the movies, you know? That moment, it feels like I actually understand it. Like I am the only person in that moment who understands life. It doesn’t come close to nearly anything we are doing right now…what we think we are doing right now. So, yes. All I want is to stop time for a second. Press pause for a minute, relax for an hour…maybe two 🙂

Oh well, it’s all worth it, though. In the end, I do need school for my future. And in order to get most out of my education, I do need to work. It’s all for the better. But for now: NO.
I need a break and I need it soon. I will explode anytime. I am young and in need of rest like an old person.

“It is important from time to time to slow down, to go away by yourself, and simply be.” 
–Eileen Caddy

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