Fade away

I am back in The Netherlands, for about a month now. I didn’t post anything about my last days in Curaçao and what it was like arriving in Holland again. To be honest, I didn’t really feel like writing anything, I just wanted to let everything pass by slowly. So let’s catch up now!

 My last days in Curaçao were extremely fun. I went to the beach, Westpunt, Shete Boka and ofncourse, I partied like a crazy animal! I didn’t really sleep the night before my flight, I was too busy chatting with my niece, who I am now missing loads. 🙁 The next day I had to say goodbye to my family and friends, which was a bit painful. I know I won’t be seeing them for quite a while and I sure will be missing them. After almost 4 months you create a relationship with people, and since they were my family, I got to know them better. It really felt like home to me. 
…After nine long hours in the airplane…
I have  RETURNED to The Netherlands!!! No more beaches, no more small and colourful houses, no more sun with a relaxing seawind, no more smiling faces and happy music, no more overdelicious foods and drinks, nope.
Instead, I am back to the cold and rain, simple Dutch meals and people, I am back to the ”same ol”. Nothing has changed, yet I have. Coming home made me realise I am not the same person who I was before I left for Curaçao. 
It felt wonderful seeing my Mom, Dad and friends again. There was A LOT of catching up to do, which we did. 
I have recently started school again and I am more than excited for this year. After finishing my internship at Curaçao I graduated for the first two years of my study. I am now finishing my final year: Assistant Manager International Trade. Sounds fancy right?
I am convinced this schoolyear is going to be so busy, but will have got tons and tons of fun in store for me!
I will be going to London to celebrate NYE with some friends, a studytrip to Dublin in February and hopefully I will go to Norway or Finland for my last internship. My preference is totally Norway, but I’d like to go with my bestfriend, whose preference is Finland……..decisions, decisions, but who cares.. these countries are both awesome and worth visiting!
so….. SCHOOLYEAR 2013-2014, LET’S GOOOO!!!
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