Dia Di Bandera

Last Tuesday, July 2, 2013 it was Dia di Bandera (Flag Day) on Curaçao. In 1951 the Island Council came together for the first time and on July 2, 1984 this day was pronounced Dia di Himno y Bandera. (Day of the national anthem and flag). 

From the moment I stepped out of the house, I saw people smiling everywhere, matching Blue and Yellow colors in their clothing and accessories. And since it is Flag Day, Curaçaoan flags were nearly on every car. There were some official ceremonies in the early morning in Otrobanda. Unfortunately I couldn’t witness those, because I had to work 🙁 However, my supervisor let me go early, so I was still able to enjoy the festivities!




 Korsoú kaminda mi kurason ta!












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