And it’s not even my birthday (SIKE)

Alright, here we go again. I haven’t been on my blog since forever but decided to overthink some memories from the past month. I’ve done quite a few things, so let’s discuss them, shall we?

As most of you know, I celebrated my 18th birthday on June 21, 2013. YES, CORRECT I am finally 18!!! Feels kind of cool, though, knowing I’m officially ”a woman”. I don’t feel that grown though, ha.
I had a pretty neat birthday. On Thursday me and my collegues went to Bermuda to party and celebrate my B’day at 0.00 o’clock. We stayed up untill the AM, and gosh, did I have the time of my life!
After 2 hours of sleep it was time for me to get back up to have brekky at Denny’s with my good ‘ol friend, Shumy. Boy oh boy…I’ve never been to a restaurant THAT delicious, and for such a reasonable price!
I have always wanted to go to this typical American restaurant, so as soon I heard there was a Denny’s in town, I knew I had to go there. 
After Denny’s I spent all day at home, skyping with my mates from back home. I miss them a lot. 
So yeah, it definitely felt good speaking to them again as I actually really wasn’t in the mood to do anything special to celebrate. 
The next day, June 22, I threw a Barbeque at Caracasbaai with my family. It was a small group but it was nice having them all together. We ate, drank, laugh and had a great time!
So here’s to the 18 year old me! I have been looking forward on becoming 18 since I was little and I’ve always wondered what I would look like, what kind of friends I would have, where I would be and how I would spend this birthday. Now I know. 
It amazes me how time goes by so quickly. I’ve been in Curaçao nearly 3 months, which means there’s only 1 more down to go. And that feels weird. I am so used to the lifestyle and my family that maybe, I don’t want to go home. But well, enough for now, here are some pics! 😉
 Night of the B’day!
 Round as in… belly round? Let’s not hope so. 🙂
 Darn right, it’s better than yours!
 If this is what heaven tastes like, I went there!
 Yú di Korsou
 Courtney & Nohely
Cutest gift I’ve ever received. Thank you Tishainy!

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