It must be written

A new day has begun, only 13 minutes ago God has blessed me to live a date that has never occured before: 4 May, 2013. I must admit, eventhough it seems strange, it’s quite cool that everyday really is a new day, and once it is over, it will never come back. Makes me realise how precious time actually is. I’ve attempted to  watch the Avengers a few times this night, with no succes, LOL. There’s just no concentration right now…I keep on going to 9Gag. So instead, I put on some good music and started writing. 

”Sitting in a crowded room, while the heart is trying to find a mate. The meaning is hard to find when you have to do it alone. But it is a task that must be done alone by each individual. Tough is this life, but it must be lived. It can only be understood through lessons and mistakes. Take them sincere and embrace them. Never let go of who you are, don’t lose yourself. But avant, you have to know WHO the person is that you are. Be alone, be surrounded, discover and let go. Get involved, take snapshots and never forget. Climb the mountains, sail the seas, touch trees and be one with nature. Let the sadness drown, let anger be forgotten. Mark your destiny on your soul, now try to read it out loud. You already know who you are, you just need proof. FIND OUT, do not be held back by anything, just go. Leave the people, leave the things, be one. Learn from what life has got to offer. Not material things, not things you can buy or earn. Learn the things that nature gives you the possibility to learn. Get to know the birds and be nice. Be kind regardless. Fix your days and do the right thing. Live pure. Clear it all out.”
I have no idea why I wrote it, or with what intensions. I just did. 
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