Family time!

Yesterday was a LONG and boring day at my workplacement. There were no customers and all I had to do was sit behind the computer… Not quite an exciting day you could say. I had to go home by bus and it takes ages before the busses arive in Curaçao, so that means lots and lots of waiting. The longest amount of time I had to wait was 1.5hours (0_0) 

Anyways.. I got to Punda where I had to wait 30min for the Queen Emma Bridge to open. Could this day get any worse??

After all the waiting I got to Otrobanda where there was this sort of rehearsal going on. I didn’t know what was going on so I just ignored it untill….

I saw my niece I haven’t seen in ages walk with a group of girls! So I tapped her on the shoulder, checked if it was really her and said: ”…HEY!! Cristaly………………surpriseeeee!!??” 
OMG, you should have seen the look on her face, it was priceless!!! At first she just looked at me like I was this random stranger and when she recognised me, she could not believe it was me! We immediately hugged and catched up. Right after, she took me to my nephew so we could meet as well. It was a total surprise for all of us and we were all kind of overwhelmed (LOL). So yeah…you could say I had my moment of  ”After a rainstorm comes a rainbow”. J
This is really what I love most about being on the island. Reuniting with all of my family members one by one. It feels great to see everyone again and to know what they’re up to. 
Anyways, here are some photos of Punda and Otrobanda.
 Punda and the Queen Emma Bridge.
Otrobanda with Punda in the background, at night obviously.
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