The ”L” word.

The ”L” word.

I think life’s about the things that go unnoticed. The small things are often the bigger ones. Questions like: ”Who am I really? What is this life about? Why am I here? What is God’s plan for me, and will I be a somebody in the future…or just another plain person in this world full of invisible people?” have filled my thoughts the last few weeks. I think we’re all scared of being invisible, replaceable and not important. When do you really find yourself? I mean, really find yourself. Certain experiences will most-definitely have an impact on your life and will shape you to the person you are today, BUT… is that all?

Why would a happening, a person, a trauma or anything of this world, define who you are? And why do we care so much. If it has happened, it means that God has let it. How come we’re all so stuck in these moments. Why is it, that sometimes people can’t go on anymore. All everyone thinks about is money, work, education, being busy, not wasting time, enjoying the little things can only be done in weekends or those 3 weeks of ”vacation”. Why can’t we all get along and why do we keep praising others, when all the praise belongs to God only? It hurts to realise that I live in a day and age where the people and society are so messed up and away from God.

What if

What if every single person who is alive on this very day, would place their life in the hands of God, trust Him completely and live by His Word? What if they would mind their own business, not care about the condition of somebody else’s faith and not care about the wrongs and pasts of others? Wouldn’t we all be much nicer to each other? Genuinely be nicer just because it feels good. Because it does, doesn’t it? That moment when you smile to a random person or give someone a sudden compliment? Why would you only do this to the people close to you? When has this world become so cruel. When did it become necessary to be harsh to survive? When did stepping up for yourself mean speaking your mind in a mean way? When did we stop doing things from the heart…?

In my very own opinion, life is about the wind, rushing through the leaves of trees when spring has just begun. The view of the sun rising and setting in a day. When you look at birds and hear them chirping, you never knew where they came from and where they might be headed to. It’s about the sea, an endless place of water filled with God’s glorious creatures. The sound you hear when water hits the rocks during a storm. The rainbow showing up after the rain has fallen, the laughter of an innocent child that knows nothing of this world. We could all be enjoying this life we spend on the planet called ”Earth”, so why aren’t we?

L word

Maybe, We’re too busy trying to find out what it’s all about.


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