The Redefinition of Everything: New Me, New Blog

Where have I been all this time!? It has been exactly 252 days since I’ve posted my last blog post. A lot has happened in that time and everything has changed. I’ve received many questions regarding whether or not I still blog, why I quit for so long etc. So… what can I say?

In all honesty, I haven’t been really content with where my blog was going for a long time. When I started out in 2013 I was 17 years old and wanted to document my travels and lifestyle. I was traveling a lot because of school and then moved across the globe. I enjoyed blogging about those two topics because it was what I was super interested in. But that was over five years ago. I’ve grown since then, I’ve changed since then.
I don’t travel as much as I’d like to and my view on traditional lifestyle blogging has changed as well. So what’s a Travel & Lifestyle blogger who doesn’t travel and isn’t into lifestyle anymore?


”Fall seven times, stand up eight”

The last few months have been hard. Life challenged me in ways I hoped it never would. I hit an all time low and I wasn’t up to fake happiness on my blog nor on Social Media. During this period I spend a lot of time being and also feeling lonely. I realized that no one was going to have my back like me and no one was going to love me like I would love myself. So I decided to make it my own and embrace it all; the pain, the loneliness, the struggle. This was my journey and I wanted to feel all of it, including the bad parts because I knew they wouldn’t last forever. Because of this I felt like I was in control in some way. Does that make sense? Anyway, I focused on myself a lot and discovered that life wasn’t what I thought it was or what I wanted it to be. Everything somehow got a new meaning, everything in & around me changed.

Now fast forward 3 months later and I am in the best place ever. It’s crazy how you can be at an all time high, then crumble to the ground to eventually rise even higher than before. But I am a changed woman. I carry all the lessons within me, I redefined life and experience it with a different outlook. I am not the same and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But my blog has to change with me. You can’t expect to evolve but keep on doing the same things you’ve always been doing. I long for progress in every aspect of my life so I plan to implement that.


What’s next?

So, what can you expect from me now? Well, nothing superficial. I don’t want to talk as much about materialistic stuff like products or fashion. I don’t want to brag about how amazing life is and how I’m living it up, because that’s not realistic. Unlike most of what you see today on the media, I want to be honest, raw and real. I want you guys to relate to me instead of feeling bad about your life. No one’s life is perfect and I do not want to promote that. So from now on you’ll mostly see blog posts regarding personal development, spiritual guidance and everything that has to do with finding yourself and being a better you. I’ve been meditating so much, listening to motivational speeches and as cliché as it sounds, found inner peace. I just want to share that knowledge with all of you. Okay, and perhaps create some travel posts for when I do actually travel. 😉


I truly hope you will tag along on this new journey I’m embarking on and will enjoy what this wild mind of mine has to say. Always feel free to share your stories and thoughts when you do or don’t relate to a post. To my loyal readers I say thank you. Thank you for sticking with me up until now, let’s all bloom together!


Love & Light,




Just let me sleep
Until the grey sky has turned blue
Until the cold will feel warm
And the sunshine has come through.


I’m so tired of fighting
And pushing against walls
It doesn’t even make me stronger
Just makes me numb, that’s all.


I keep taking the wrong road
I keep making mistakes
I guess that’s not so bad
Just let me do it in another place.


Where the sun kisses my skin
And music fills the street
Where the sea is always waving
And rocks gently against my feet.


Until I’m there just let me sleep
To dream of where I’ve been
Just let me sleep until summer
Or until I’m back home again.


©Shari Jourdain


I hope you liked this post! Have you ever had homesickness? Let me know in the comments what you miss most about your home. If you wish to see more posts like these, make sure to subscribe and follow me on social media. Just click here and here.


With love,


On to new adventures

I still remember it as if it was yesterday… September 19, 2014, the day I hopped on a plane and moved to the beautiful island of Curaçao. I was only going to stay for one year but well, after extending a few times I decided I was just going to stay. And I loved that idea. I had so many plans, but sometimes life just doesn’t agree with what you have in mind. Continue reading “On to new adventures”

Quarantaine | Lose that weight!

As some of you may remember, I “officially” started my weightloss journey somewhere last year when I wrote this blogpost. Needless to say I did quit again and not a single pound had been lost… Though I did go for a run every once in a while, it was obviously not enough for me to lose a significant amount of weight. Combine lack of exercise with unhealthy eating and there’s the still unchanged me. But 2 weeks ago I decided to get back on track and give it my all. I’m only young once and I want to look the best I can now.


I joined this 2-week workout program called ‘Quarantaine’. For 2 weeks we’d have to attend group trainings, eat super healthy and focus on one goal: losing as much weight as possible to win a trip to Aruba! I have never been to Aruba so I was definitely motivated to win. But apart from the competition it’s been a super great motivation for me to continue with living a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies are capable of so much and it’s actually kinda sad to not live it up to its full purpose just by not exercising and eating right. I knew I could and I really wanted to go for it this time, and still do! And I truly believe that whatever you put your mind to, you can do.

I have never worked out every single day so this was quite hard. There were several trainers who had come up with different exercises each night. I’d say they were about 5mins or so each and the training was about 45mins. That might not seem like a lot, but believe me, it was. But I figured this is my shot, I signed up for this so there’s no giving it my half. It was 110% or nothing, and I have to say.. for the first time in my life I felt like I actually did give my very best. I drank a lot of water each day, cut off all rice on my plate and I was much more careful with what I ate. And though I did feel the urge sometimes to snack, I didn’t. (Ok, that’s a lie. I had a Quater Pounder once ’cause I was having a real shitty day and I was just DONE. Yeah, yeah, I know. “No excuses”… but it was ONE time during 2 whole weeks, so it’s okay…….right?)

Yesterday was the final day of Quarantaine and it was also my weigh day. Turns out I lost 5KG!!! I felt like I did lose some weight but I could never have expected this amount. I feel much fitter and soooo proud of myself. I hope eating clean will be easier now. My goal is to have a cheat meal once a week and just eat regular the rest of the time. I think that’s a pretty nice health goal. Unfortunately I did not win the weekend to Aruba, but I was placed #8 out of 150 people and got a free pass for next month’s Quarantaine, yayyy!


Ran this track countless times, lol. Can you believe how proud I was when I could finally run it in one go!?



Tip: Never forget to stretch before and after your workout!




After an aquarobics sesh with my dearest Kiki


Low quality gym selfies are very necessary.. ya know


I was SO loving these motivational quotes in the gym





Singer & trainer Hunnely Felicia awarding me with my ‘Free Quarantaine’ prize


Now you know I just HAD to reward myself with my favorite chocolate when the program was finished. #DontJudge


I am super excited to start this program again and will go even harder! If you live in Curaçao and want to improve your lifestyle and get fit, you better sign up for Quarantaine July today. Because I promise you, you won’t regret it and you will get results!!

I hope you liked this blogpost and got a little motivated as well. Have you lost weight before or trying to? Or do you have tips/struggles? Let me know in the comments, we can all support and motivate each other! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with more posts.


With love,


Blogger much?

Oh, hi you! Great that you’re reading this post. Let me start off by apologizing for not posting all this time. You may have noticed that I’ve been slacking on this blogging thing. One of my new year’s resolutions was to be more active with my blog and post more regularly. After all, I have all these uh-mazing ideas in my head and it would be a waste to let them soar into nothingness. But here we are. 2017 is nearly half gone and only 2 posts have been made… And all of those ideas, well, they’re still there, but it’s time to turn them into plans and achievements.

In a world full of social media influencers and famous bloggers who get thousands of likes, it’s easy to get insecure about your own little blog. You start to compare yourself to those who are successful and me personally, I started to believe my own creative content wasn’t good enough. But theirs was, so maybe changing my style would be better.. right? So I tried that in a few of my posts. And even though I still think they are good posts, it wasn’t fun to create them. I wrote them for all the wrong reasons and it stole my joy for blogging. It felt like an obligation and when I didn’t get the results I wanted, it was even extra disappointing.

Needless to say I didn’t find the motivation to blog for quite some time. But I recently went through some of my old stuff and I could just tell how much fun I had by the way I wrote everything and how I put it together. Might not have been as professional and definitely with lots of typos (which you’ll probably catch a lot more in the future but hey, who’s perfect?), but I do think those authentic posts are what made me a blogger. The sense of creativity and originality are your strength. It’s time to get back to that.

Being the busy-bee that I am, blogging is like an extra job. I too struggle with keeping a sane mind as I try to do everything at once… Work, maintaining a social life, do the household, sleep, have highly required me-time. There’s hardly any time for blogging. But I have the same 24hrs Beyoncé has, so I will make it work.

Like I said, I have so many ideas that still need to be unboxed. But there is not a day that I don’t think about blogging, creating better content and just share my knowledge & opinions. And you know what they say…

Or, you know, “If it’s still in your mind, it’s worth taking the risk”, whatever rows your boat. To put it in a nutshell: I walked the blogging road, lost the path, and then found me a better one. At the end of the day, everyone is new at life, no one ever really knows what they’re doing and I take comfort in that. I will continue to listen to my inner-voice and follow my dream. And whatever your dream is, go do that too. Isn’t that the least we owe to ourselves?


I hope you liked this post and will continue to follow my blog! P.S. make sure to follow me on social media too!

With love,

Shete Boka

I’m an island girl, living the island life.  To me, there is nothing better than the fresh smell of the sea, roughness of the rocks and feeling the soft burning touch of the sun on my skin. Curaçao has so many hidden treasures and so much nature to behold. That’s why I love to go out and explore what’s out there. To anyone visiting Curaçao, Shete Boka National Park should be in your top 10 of your To Do list. It’s been years since I last went there but going back was like experiencing it for the first time again. To this day I still find this one of the island’s most beautiful spots.

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